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  1. What movie titles are available?

    Good News: short Bible stories from Genesis through the ascension; how to become a follower of Jesus.

    The Living Christ: a survey of the life of Christ for evangelism and basic Bible teaching.

    Look, Listen and Live, LLL Volumes 1-8: a survey of historical teachings from the Bible.

    Words of Life: short Bible stories, evangelistic messages and songs explaining the way of salvation and presenting basic Bible teaching.

  2. What is the "trailer" format?

    A shorter version of the full movie.

  3. What is the cost of the movies and music on your web site?

    All downloads are available free at no charge.

  4. How are the movies made?

    Most movies are based on audiovisual materials from Global Recordings Network.

  5. What are your beliefs?


  6. What are the terms of use for materials on this site?

    You may watch, listen to or download for free any of the media files on this site. You may make copies for further distribution on condition that they are not modified and are not sold or bundled with other products which are sold.

  7. How can I download and view the DVD ISO files on my computer?

    For a list of software to burn the files to DVD disks, see for example

    For information on how to extract the MPEG-2 ("VOB") movie file from the ISO image, to use for direct playback, see for example

  8. How many languages do you have?

    Our site contains movies in many hundreds of languages; the number is constantly growing.

  9. You do not have my language - what do I do?

    Please contact us to find out if a movie is available in your own language.

  10. How do I contact you?


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