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Words of Life Cantonese

Words of Life Cantonese

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Program Info

  • Program Title: Words of Life
  • Program Number: c20340
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Other Names for This Language: 광동어; Baihua; Chinese Nung; Chinese, Yue; Chinese, Yue: Yuehai; Guangfu; Gwong Dung Waa; Hai Nam; Han; Ha Xa Phang; Hoa; Kuangtong; Liem Chau; Lowland Nung; Minh Huong; Nung; Phúc Kién; Quang Dong; Samg Phang; Suòng Phóng; Trièu Chau; Yue; Yueh; Yuet Yue; Yueyu; 广东话; 廣東話; 汉, 单; 汉, 广东话; 漢, 單; 漢, 廣東話; 粤语; 粵語
  • Where spoken: Australia; Brunei; Cambodia; Canada; China; Costa Rica; Honduras; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Macau; Malaysia; Mauritius; Nauru; Netherlands; New Zealand; Panama; Philippines; Singapore; South Africa; Thailand; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam

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